Rombo Description:

Rombo is a 3D first person action game set in a medieval fantasy world where an evil mage has transformed an once healthy land to an unholy place full of creatures. The player assumes the role of an apprentice mage in a quest to get the black Rombo from the evil mage's castle which will be the first step to bring the land back to its former status.


Rombo is a first person action game where your point is to find the Black Rombo after battling with the evil mage's minions. Your weapon is your fireball magic spell, which requires mana to cast. Mana potions can be found around the levels, but your mana will refill as the time passes.

To finish each map you have to find its exit, which is always heavily guarded and usually behind some locked areas. To unlock areas you must find the appropriate keys. If you stand in front of a door that requires a key you do not have, the key will flash at the top left corner of the screen.

To increase your score, you can pick up treasure items which can be found around the levels. However the best treasures are hidden in secret areas - these can be revealed by going near the wall where the area is and clicking on it (the cursor will become a hand as shown below). Also killing monsters increases your score. At the bottom part of the screen you can see how many monsters are alive in the level.




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