Remove Everything

Remove Everything Description:

3D isometric action puzzle game with blocks. Blocks of different types are falling onto the moving lane and it's your job to make sure they never reach the end of the lanes and fall down. You got "block cannon" at your disposal. Move left or right with arrow keys, fire blocks with the SPACE key, try to make blocks of the same type collide to remove them. The indicators are on the left side. The larger circle (green) shows the block that will come out of block cannon next when you press fire (SPACE) and the smaller circle (yellow) shows the type of the block that will become next, giving you time to make strategic decisions. The game is intense action logic puzzle game with strategic moments, thinking in advance, etc.


Left arrow (cursor) / Right arrow (cursor) keys - move cannon
SPACE - fire
P - pause
Q - quit
Indicator on the right show which block will come out next and which one comes afterward, when you press fire. Larger circle shows next block, smaller circle shows the one that comes afterward.




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