Kungfu Legend

Kungfu Legend Description:

Beat the enemies with your kungfu and become a legend. You can upgrade your strength, body, and stamina each level. Also you can try survival mode and reach high scores as high as possible. There a 18 movements technique you can use to beat the enemies.


P : Pause
A : Punch
S : Kick
D : Defend
W : Charge
Right + A : High Punch
Right + S : High kick
Down + D : Evade
Down + Right + A : Budha's Palm (Need Energy)
Down + Right + S : Dragon Kick (Need Energy)
Right + Down + Right + A : Dragon Punch
Down + Right + Down + S : Earth Binder (Need Energy)
Left + Down + Right + S : Tornado Kick

Arieal Movement:
A : Air Punch
B : Air Kick
Down + A : Air Double Punch
Down + B : Air Double Kick
Up + Up + S : Eagle Kick (Need Energy)
Down + Right + S : Dynamite Kick




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