Sinterklaas Description:

Platform game about Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas), collect the presents and cookies in each level and deliver them to the right chimneys before dawn.


Each chimney is marked with a number (number of gingerbread cookies needed) and a color (color of the present). Sinterklaas can carry lots of presents behind him, but he can only drop the first one into a chimney.

Sinterklaas must deliver all the presents and cookies before dawn. If he also collects all remaining cookies, there will be a bonus level.

Sinterklaas' quest over the roofs is very dangerous: the old man will not survive a high fall. Don't touch the sharp TV antennas and be careful for the mean birds, they will try to steal the cookies and presents. But it's not like a saint to kill birds, so leave them alive.

Also, there are chocolate letters, collect the letters S, I, N and T for an extra life.




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