Qrossfire Description:

A fast-paced and eye-catching match 3 puzzle game with exciting power-ups, fast flying blocks, exploding bombs, and beautiful graphics.


Click a block in the grid to select it. Then, click another block to slide the first to a new position in the same row or column. Create a match with three or more blocks of the same color to earn points. Get even more points by creating bigger matches or matching from longer distances!

Too hard or too easy? Change the difficulty on the Settings screen.

Alternate control: Click and hold your mouse button down to drag a block to a new position.

Match four blocks in a row, and get the BOMB powerup. It explodes in a firey burst, destroying all neighboring elements. It may also start a cascade of exploding bombs across the board!

Match five blocks in a row, and get the FLAME powerup. Match it with any two blocks of the same color. The flame burns across the entire row and column, starting a cascade if it hits any bombs, and boosting your score higher and higher.

Create a cascade with at least three bombs, and the skull powerup will appear. Match with any two blocks of the same color, and this powerup will start BOMB BLITZ mode. For a short time, a new bomb is created with every match!




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