Midas Miner

Midas Miner Description:

This is the treasure hunter’s dream - a mine full of jewels! In Midas Miner you have to switch the places of jewels to create rows and columns of same colour jewels. As the jewels you mine disappear, new jewels fall down from above. Plan to create valuable combinations and you might end up collecting all the money!


The idea behind Midas Miner is to switch the places of two jewels to create rows and columns of 3 or more of the same jewel to clear them. As the jewels you clear disappear, new jewels fall down to fill their place. Clear as many jewels as you can within the time limit. To switch a pair of jewels you click on them with your left mouse button. As your click on the second jewel you they will automatically start to switch places. You can only switch jewels that are touching horizontally or vertically.




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