Magigoo Description:

Help Dwarf collect the colorful goos using his magic chalk!


1. Guide Dwarf movements by moving your mouse. He will walk towards it.
2. Capture Goos by drawing a magic line on the ground. Press the left button mouse to start drawing, and let go to close the curve.
3. You need at least 2 goos of the same color to be able to capture them.
4. Watch out for bad goos, they contaminate your jars!
5. Certain levels need color combining. Only primary colors can be combined. You combine the same way as capturing.
6. 3 terrain types affect Dwarf movement. Moss is slippery, mud slows, and rock plates forces to a certain direction.
7. Watch out for thorn balls. When hit, they stun Dwarf for a while.
8. To pause and unpause the game, use the ESC key.
9. Stars collected from capturing goos can be used to upgrade the powerups.




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