Lionga Galaxy 2 – Multiplayer Realtime Strategy

Lionga Galaxy 2 – Multiplayer Realtime Strategy Description:

Sequel of Lionga Galaxy.Lionga Galaxy is a multiplayer realtime strategy game. It challenges the players to conquer a Planet System. The integrated Lobby shows currently running games, players can chat there and find an opponent for the next game. Games contain 5 Players, gain points an climb in daily and all time Leaderboards. Presented by Best free Multipayer Games


To start a Game simply press "Quick Match!" in the main menu.

Every player starts with one planet. The planets produces a certain amout of untis per time. The current amout of units on a planet is showen by a number. Click a planet to activate it then click another planet to send units. Multiple planets can be activated by using drag-select.Bigger planets produce more units. Planets are connected and if two connected planets are controlled by one player both increase production by 30%.




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