Distraction Dodger

Distraction Dodger Description:

Welcome to Distraction Dodger!

In the pizza-loving city of Little Moots, people buy pizza the way people in other cities hail a cab. They go to the street corner, upload their order, and the first pizza truck that arrives with a fresh pie gets the business. They can do this because pizza production has gone mobile. Vendor vehicles drive the streets, making pizzas and delivering them where needed.

You have just bought a mobile pizza delivery vehicle, known as the Lotza Mottza Pizza Truck, and you want to become the pizza king of Little Moots.

However, the city of Little Moots has become concerned about the number of crashes that seem to be occurring, especially with the pizza trucks. They have brought in a team from the ITS Institute’s HumanFIRST Program to monitor the drivers and see if they can figure out what’s going on.

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