Connecto2 Description:

Connecto is a simple game where you have to destroy a different number of blocks to complete each level.
You destroy blocks by creating a complete link between the wires in the blocks and 2 power nodes at the edge of the player area.
Destroy more blocks to get more points! If the blocks reach the top of the screen it's game over! Create a link from one side to the other to get a bonus! Watch out for blank blocks that cannot be linked! Destroy these by destroying other linkable blocks next to them


Connecto is Mouse or Keyboard controlled. Press "p" to pause.
Click anywhere in the play area to move the cursor to that spot.
Click on a block to rotate it clockwise.
Click and hold the left mouse button to drag a block left or right.
Use the arrow keys to move the cursor up/down/left and right.

Use either the space bar or the "a" and "d" keys to rotate the blocks (a/d rotate the block left/right, space bar just right).

Press and hold the space bar (or a/d) to grab a block and then the arrow keys to move the block left or right.




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