Classic Beauty Minesweeper

Classic Beauty Minesweeper Description:

Your mission is to open all the mine-free regions and mark the ones that contain mines with the help of our Classic Beauty. Can you reveal all the mines and achieve the highest score? We have a fun Minesweeper style game for you to challange featuring the beautiful Classic Beauty Lana ready to help you play in her striking black bikini.

Use logic to determine regions containing mines then unlock the entire minefield. You can select the difficulty of the game to further challenge yourself. Finally you can compete with others for the highest scores by submitting your high scores. Good Luck On Your Mission!


Open the region by left clicking the mouse. Mark a mined region by shift-left-clicking the mouse. The numbers seen within the regions indicate how many mines are within the surroundng area. Use these numbers to determine if a specific region contains any mines.




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