BRISCOLA Description:

The real Briscola game on the net !! Milions people love this cards game ! And now is online with his champ!!
Briscola is considered by many to be a traditional Italian game, but the truth is that an early version of it seems to have originated in Holland, where it became quite popular by the end of the 16th century.The game then passed through France where, with some modification, it was called Brusquembille.Then.... all the world started to play this game.!!!


The deck of 40 cards and 'divided into 4 suits, and there are 120 points available for each game. Vince parties do 'to score at least 61 points. They give three cards each, and a fourth card will match igni 'extracted and ground under the deck turned upside down. The seed of that card will become 'the seed Trump. This in turn pulls a carta.Il value of the cards, and 'the following: the most' high 'the ace, followed by three, the king, the horse, then follow the Jack .... 7,6,5, 4.2 (paro that 'do not give points). The highest card takes the lower value, with the exception of the seed of that Trump trumps all others.When you play two cards of different suits, neither of which trumps it, always wins the first card played. After playing a hand will take the winner of 'a new card from the deck and then will take' the other player until the deck is exhausted. Whoever wins the first hand pulls on the next hand.




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