Ball Drop One

Ball Drop One Description:

Ball Drop One is a mixture of Plinko and Pinball. Drop black balls and try to score as much as possible. Also create your own levels with global high score tables!


Left mouse button drops the ball. Keep it pressed to change the size of the ball. 's' buys you slow motion time (costs 25pts). 't' thrusts the free balls towards the mouse pointer (costs 100pts). 'o' changes the size of the outline on the balls. 'q' toggles through graphics quality settings. '1', '2', '3' and '4' change the speed of the game (1X, 2X, 3X or 4X). Also, if you click on a ball, and a black ball hits it next, you get bonus points, and the ball bounces more. The longer you keep the left mouse button down, the bigger the boost. 'l' displays MochiAds' global high score table.





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