Angry Aliens: Ecology

Angry Aliens: Ecology Description:

Angry aliens are invading earth! Shoot the invaders while teaching them a thing or two about ECOLOGY! Your knowledge and shooting skills just might save the world!



We, the aliens of planet Nerdobio, are angry with you inhabitants of Earth! If you are able to convince us that your planet is worth saving, we may consider letting you live! Right now, we want to learn about evolution on your planet! Teach us well, earthling, or we will destroy you and your friends!

We will ask you a question or give you a clue. Shoot the alien commander with the vocabulary term that best matches the question or clue!


Left arrow = move left
Right arrow = move right
Spacebar = shoot

Down arrow = grenades
(levels 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9 only)




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